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Intelligent Metaverse

Metaverse embodies a great potential of bringing a form of immortality to our every existence. While medical advances have made significant progress in prolonging our life-expectation, other technologies have brought to the table various discussions surrounding mind uploading, or whole brain emulation, which represents one’s mental state in digital form. Now, by fusioning the power of exponential technologies which are Blockchain and AI, we can create an intelligence metaverse in which our minds dwell. Never before there is such a quest that is as ambitious and long-lastingly impactful as intelligent metaverse.



ZenFi is working towards an intelligent metaverse that preserves our mind and intelligence beyond the limitations of the physical world and our own flesh. Ultimately, ZenFi protocols will enable each human being to create an emulation of his/her mental state (i.e., mind and soul), encode it into a digital form, and place it onto a decentralised and everlasting storage medium under a format of an intelligent NFT. Such an intelligent NFT serves as a lively avatar of one’s self in the metaverse.

How It Works

Best Features


Tokenized Intelligence

Combining computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics, scientists can now emulate human beings’ mental state by a series of computer codes. By bringing such codes on-chain, and denoting them under a format of NFTs, ZENFI AI can tokenize human intelligence and store its representation on an everlasting storage of blockchain.



Once created, an intelligent NFT may continue to learn, adapt and evolve. ZenFi AI provides a Train-to-Earn incentive model. One can either pay others to provide valuable dataset on which their own intelligent NFTs could learn and train. Alternatively, one can also let their well-trained intelligent NFTs interact with others.


Intelligent Services

In the current architecture, smart contracts or other autonomous agents inhabiting the blockchains are not able to communicate with the real world solely by themselves. The contemporary solutions are Oracles. However, these oracles will eventually pale in comparison with the intelligent NFTs that offer intelligence services in the intelligent metaverse.


ZenFi AI

Zenfi AI protocols operate with the native token, named ZENFI. ZENFI adheres to the BEP-20 Standard on Binance Smart Chain. The token features both utility and governance purposes.

  • Public Offering: 18-01-2022
  • Name: ZenFi AI
  • Symbol: ZENFI
  • Total Supply: 42,000,000
  • Contract Addess:

ZenFi Roadmap

ZenFi announces our Initial Stake Pool Offering

2022 Jan
2022 April

ZenFi shall unveil our iNFT Studio. Users can build their iNFT avatar with their own portrait photo

ZenFi will open ours AI-training-pipeline in beta-version, allowing users to start training their iNFT avatar

2022 August
2022 December

AI-training-pipeline will be rendered fully functional

ZenFi intelligent metaverse shall go live

2023 March
2022 July

Bridges will be established to provide passage between ZenFi’s “intelligent metaverse with others platforms, such as Facebook’s Horizon, or Alethea AI

Human Intelligence Emulation will be incorporated to ZenFi’s AI-training-pipeline

2023 October

ZenFi Team

Patrick Jacobs

Michel Willems
Luuk Van de Berg
Noud Jansen
AI lead
Luca Bruno
Media Lead

Aldo Marino

Community manager

Andrea Rossi

Art Designer

Luc Maes

Business Liaison

Why ZenFi?

ZenFi AI initially supports ERC-721, BEP-721 and TRC-721 NFTs. This means our suite will be provisioned on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Tron. We will be launching on more blockchain platforms as their NFT ecosystems expand.

Yes, the token is tradeable on PancakeSwap.

ZENFI AI has received warm support and backing from a number of angel investors. They are content creators, influencers, sports athletes, and some seasoned builders in the field of crypto.

The angel investors' token allocation is locked under the same timeline with the founding team. These portions will remain locked for the first 9 months. Subsequently, it is vested at 10% every month.

ZENFI AI tokens purchased in the public offering will be automatically staked and locked for 180 days from the purchase date. During this term, token owners are entitled to staking reward with 26% APY. Once this term matures, their tokens will be unlocked fully.

Yes. The referral reward will be equivalent to 10% of the purchase made under your referral.


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